The cost of dependents or Depends.

There are some things that happen to you after you have children.  For some people just a few things, others quite a bit.  I like to think I am a bit middle of the road.  The loss of brain function-such as verbally going through a roll call of every living thing that is currently dependent on you until you reach the rotten one that needs to be verbally assaulted.  The loss of memory in regards to everything and other such mental functions.  On that note, I have been ailed with a rotten cold.  My nasal passages have not been stuffed or clogged, but, instead, are incessantly draining down the back of my throat.  This causes spurting, hacking, coughing and excessive consumption of liquids.  Which of course leads to excessive bathroom breaks.  It is not unlike being pregnant.  With the coughing, hacking, etc.. and all the water I’ve been drinking, I’ve had a couple of instances where getting to the bathroom mid cough is absolutely necessary, but I have not always been successful.  Thus coming full circle in the post traumatic perils of having children.  Maybe they will share their diapers.

The Kimberly Pinkel Affair

Whenever I hear about a grand art heist I feel a sense of jealousy and reverence.  I know praising thieves is not politically correct, however, anyone with the gonads to steal over $100 million dollars worth of art, in the center of the art world, gains my awe.  It’s a romantical, fantastical thing that movies are made of.  The shear genius of the likes of Thomas Crown draws such admiration and envy out of me.  Have I missed my calling?  Perhaps I should have devoted my life to stealing artwork.  I can see it so clearly, like Oceans 11-24, the collaboration, the stealth, the cunning, and don’t forget using my sexual wiles….but I have a feeling it would be more like Steve Martin in the Pink Panther.

Fear and Loathing in Adrian Michigan

Starting the first words of a blog are what I imagine your first AA meeting is like: “Hi my name is Kimberly and I write a blog”.  And really everyone is thinking big whoopdee do, isn’t everyone writing a blog?  Thats why we are here, right?  Well, let me say a little something about myself.  I am an artist, a mother, a wife, a photographer, a christian, a terrible housekeeper and a bit lost.  The order of all those hats change daily and sometimes none are there and sometimes new ones arrive.  I will admit I am joining a bandwagon, as I see so many photographers have their blogs showcasing their work and ideas and dreams, blah blah blah…   It’s just that the other day I realized that Oprah was not going to call me to get my opinion/thoughts on anything and if I really feel the need to express them, then maybe a blog might just do the trick for me.

You will find I am all over the place in my head so I’ll try to keep my posts on one subject. TRY is the operative word.  This may end up being a lame ride but I am glad you’ve taken a minute to join me on it!