Fear and Loathing in Adrian Michigan

Starting the first words of a blog are what I imagine your first AA meeting is like: “Hi my name is Kimberly and I write a blog”.  And really everyone is thinking big whoopdee do, isn’t everyone writing a blog?  Thats why we are here, right?  Well, let me say a little something about myself.  I am an artist, a mother, a wife, a photographer, a christian, a terrible housekeeper and a bit lost.  The order of all those hats change daily and sometimes none are there and sometimes new ones arrive.  I will admit I am joining a bandwagon, as I see so many photographers have their blogs showcasing their work and ideas and dreams, blah blah blah…   It’s just that the other day I realized that Oprah was not going to call me to get my opinion/thoughts on anything and if I really feel the need to express them, then maybe a blog might just do the trick for me.

You will find I am all over the place in my head so I’ll try to keep my posts on one subject. TRY is the operative word.  This may end up being a lame ride but I am glad you’ve taken a minute to join me on it!


One Comment

  1. I like it! Never know what you’re gonna say next, because like you said, you wear many hats and they change daily. Also, of the traits you listed as yours – I share 5 of them – I bet you can guess which ones LOL. So, as one wife, mother, Christian, terrible housekeeper who’s a bit lost, to another – I look forward to reading your blogs…. XOXO


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