The cost of dependents or Depends.

There are some things that happen to you after you have children.  For some people just a few things, others quite a bit.  I like to think I am a bit middle of the road.  The loss of brain function-such as verbally going through a roll call of every living thing that is currently dependent on you until you reach the rotten one that needs to be verbally assaulted.  The loss of memory in regards to everything and other such mental functions.  On that note, I have been ailed with a rotten cold.  My nasal passages have not been stuffed or clogged, but, instead, are incessantly draining down the back of my throat.  This causes spurting, hacking, coughing and excessive consumption of liquids.  Which of course leads to excessive bathroom breaks.  It is not unlike being pregnant.  With the coughing, hacking, etc.. and all the water I’ve been drinking, I’ve had a couple of instances where getting to the bathroom mid cough is absolutely necessary, but I have not always been successful.  Thus coming full circle in the post traumatic perils of having children.  Maybe they will share their diapers.


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