Day 1, my personal fight against aging.

I have 16 days before I turn 40 years old.  By most accounts, half of my life is over.  I am choosing to think that the second half of my life is just beginning.  So, therefore, I am on a 16 day crusade to  reach my high school weight and a better healthier version of myself.  How is this possible you say? In 16 days? What magic potion have you found? I will tell you.  This is no secret potion.  I am undergoing a strict meal plan of all healthy and fulfilling foods and an exercise regimen that was already in place just not consistently followed.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  My starting weight is 139 lbs, I graduated high school at 131lbs, but my goal is 128 lbs.  Wish me luck!


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