Mexico vs Persia

Here is a question I need to ask.  If the current BP oil spill were happening in the Persian Gulf would we be so upset about it?  Honestly, I think not.  For many reasons I think this.  It is not our backyard, thus making it not really “our” problem and that thought process is truly the problem.  If you switched to an electric vehicle, in fact if everyone switched to an electric vehicle, limited off shore drilling would be occurring.   The second reason is because people do not care what happens to the middle east oil companies.  I can’t blame them, really.  They have had America by the balls for so long now its ridiculous.  Which leads me to feel a bit sorry for BP.  They are in fact a non-middle east oil-producing company, which I have lent my gas buying to because of that very reason.  They are just the unfortunate blokes who got stuck with the leak.  It could have been any oil company.  If you really want the problem to go away, buy alternative vehicles.  I will, as soon as they make one as big as the one I have now.  They can do commercial buses, why not a Pinkel Express (aka the short bus)


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