Tree of life

We started a Christmas tradition about 7 years ago, right when we moved into the house we are currently in.  Each year we travel to Frankenmuth to Bronners Christmas store and everyone picks out their own ornament for the tree.  They each seem to represent each individual and once they are hung on the tree they reflect not only who we are as individuals, but who we are as a family.  The tree is getting a bit full, we have other ornaments that help fill the spaces, gifts from others, ones we had from before, but the ones that I love to put up the most are the ones that were my grandmothers.  Some are from the depression time and many from the 40’s and 50’s.  I only put a few up, the plastic ones right now because of the little ones.  The glass ones are so fragile and the plastic are a bit more resilient.  Each time I put them up, it reminds me of family.  It reminds me of a time of having little but having so much.  When the whole extended family would get together to celebrate, not just Christmases, but all holidays and birthdays.  So much in the world has changed, families have changed, priorities have changed.  This year our Christmas may seem to be little in the eyes of the world, but I think I am going to focus on the having so much part.  My friends, family, cousins, neighbors, all are what makes me rich.  They are what makes me both fragile and resilient.


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