My Christmas Letter or the Long and Winding Road

Christmas Portrait

You know all those Facebook app’s that people use and then post and they all feel a deep seeded desire to tell the world how sexy their name is?  or what kind of frog they would be?  Well, one sparked my curiosity.  What was the number one song on the day you were born?  Never mind that I could Google it, I wanted to know.  Thank God you always have the option of not posting your results!  I was not sure to laugh or cry or just nod in agreement.  The Beatles’, “The Long and Winding Road”.  Well, if that was not a premonition.  I would hate to be the person born with the number one song “Baby Got Back”.  At least they could save themselves a whole lot of walking lunges and not feel guilty watching the Biggest Loser while eating a big bag of Doritos.

This is culminating into something, I promise.  I’ll be honest, I love getting people’s Christmas letter’s.  You know the ones that update you on the past year of their lives, makes you feel a little less guilty for not calling as much, or at all.  I always say I am going to do one of those, but it never happens.  So this year, I decide I will blog it.

And as I begin to mentally revise my year, I decide who the heck wants to hear about this bag full of crappiness???  There I said it, we had a crap year and 2011 does not look too much more promising.  Our kids are still alive, although the 14-year-old is pushing it.  He left to go live with his dad mid-August.  I think the mothers out there can understand how crappy that makes me feel, even if its been a good thing.  He is a handsome kid, but hey, looks will only get you so far, I should know.

My dear India has taken on the entrepreneurship role.  In an attempt to acquire enough money for a month of baton lessons, she has decided to just ask kids on the playground for money.  Explain that one to the parents of the 1st grader who keeps giving away his lunch money!  She is a unique child and I believe gets her quirky-ness from her mother.  I know, me? Quirky?

Sweet little Rowen.  My 3-year-old who appears to be partially deaf unless the word has some form of refined sugar involved in it.  Yesterday morning we found all the hand dipped chocolate covered pretzel sticks in his bedroom.  Breakfast of champions.

Little LuLu, what can I say, but KEEP YOUR STINKING PANTS ON!!!  ITS WINTER IN MICHIGAN FOR PETE”S SAKE!!!!!  She refuses to wear her coat outside as well.  I’m guessing she will be the first to move south.

We lost our job in April, used all our savings to live on, get a new job in October at 50% of our salary.  Anyone want to buy a house?

So, you see, when I think of writing a Christmas letter, I think that this is a community service to make everyone else feel better about themselves and their lives.

But honestly, this year has been a year of character refinement, hard lessons learned about ourselves and other people.  We’ve grown closer as a family and in our faith and as difficult as this next year is going to be, I do not believe I would change a single thing.  My kids are healthy, crazy, happy and full of smiles.  Eric and I are wiser and stronger. We could have life much worse and even though the journey seems like a long and winding road, I look forward to next year, if not for finally getting this year over with, but for all the big and small miracles that are in store for us.  Have a Merry Christmas and may God’s blessings be abundant.



p.s.  It is now Christmas day, and we have all had the stomach flu. Go figure!