Resentful, Resentful, Resentful.

I’m not sure what catapulted my crabiness with life this morning, probably left over unclaimed homeless emotions from the day before, but it was there.  It all began with the realization that the snow shovels were in the detached garage.  So I had to use a broom to make my way down the steps to the garage to find the snow shovel.  It was right next to the snowblower that my husband put the wrong kind of oil in and has never gotten around to taking it in to get the oil changed.  So as the car warmed itself and I shoveled paths around the vehicle, and swept the windows off with the broom, because the window scraper brush thingy ma jig was in my husband’s car, I also was reminded that half of my storm windows are still not in.  So I load all the kinders into the car and do my best to not get stuck in the driveway and find the roads are not too bad, until I reach any sort of intersection.  I am then promptly reminded about the idiot fleeing the cops that slammed into my beloved 4-wheel drive with brand new tires and totaled it, which left me with not enough money to replace it.  Resentful, resentful, resentful…..

I drop all the kinders off and proceed to my meeting and this is my commute.

What was I so crabby about?


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