Deep Organic Thoughts….

I am what I call relatively informed about what goes into my body. I choose organic when its available and affordable. Limit my high fructose corn syrup-also known as processed foods, and try to get in at least 3 servings of vegetables a day-I know I am 2 shy. But what I have ignored, somewhat, is my health and beauty products. So, in an effort to be come more “natural” in my beauty products i have started trying new things. Some are a success, like the Burts Bees lip balm, but others not so much. Like Tom’s all Natural Deodorant. I admit I stink when I sweat. Its true, I am not uppity about it, I have an odor. I really did not have high expectations, so in that course, I was not disappointed. I mean, I was just hoping that with this lovely aromatic lavender ointment I would at least smell like a lavender farm laborer. Nope. Tom this is an epic fail. I am reluctant to further my attempts at natural health and beauty care but will consider suggestions, if you have any.

PePe Le Pew


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