A publice service announcement.

So today I posted my discontent in regards to the Manwich company trying to feed the American public that it contains a serving of vegetables, all the while talking to an ear of corn whilst representing as vegteables. This is wrong. Corn is a grain. I then proceed to read that corn prices are rising, thus makng food prices to rise as well!  All on the account, according to the report, of increase of corn usage to make ethanol. Well, here is a solution to the upcoming corn crisis: do not eat anything that has high fructose corn syrup in it and purchase your fresh corn from the local farmers market this summer. Not only will your local farmer thank you, your heart, arteries, veins, thighs, butt and stomach will thank you.  This would reduse the demand for corn designated to clogg our arteries and disrupt our digestion process and gylcemic index.  And in an effort to be respnsible to all sides of the corn issue, i would recommend that you do not ingest ethanol either.  This has been a public service announcement. Your welcome.


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