The Aftermath

So, my previous post boasts about my husbands love for Valentine’s Day and what I thought, all that it entails.  For the past 7 plus years my sweet, pookie bear has bought me a valentines gift.  And every year around this time, I preach about the ridiculousness of the put uponedness (made up word) that one feels when someone else declares that this day I must show my undying love and gratitude, blah, blah, blah..But my little Hanukkah Valentine dost protests, always.  So, as I said yesterday, I decided to create a little smoochy kins kind of gift for him.  He came home with complete appreciation and smiles and cuddles and smoochies because of it.  He just did not come home with one thing.  A gift for me…..What a fine time he picked to start paying attention to what I say.  Turns out, he really only like s to GET gifts for Valentines Day and does not feel any joy in giving me gifts, just receiving them.  Geez, I really thought it was the joy of giving that he liked so much and after all these years of receiving, I cam e to expect it.  Hmph.  I hate Valentine’s Day.


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