A few “Fly” Birds

So I was in Central Adrian today and saw this multi-cultural gathering of les canards!

One particular chicky was brave enough to come pretty darn close.

Then this unusual fellow, one of which I have never seen in these parts shows up.  I am not sure what contingent he was representing.

This must be their “fly crib”.


Merry X-mas!

So, I have been a little short on new reading material, so I picked up “Rick Steves: European Christmas”.  Yes, it’s on our shelf.  It’s a compilation of the traditions, folklore, religion and paganism.  It’s actually quite interesting.  Though I have not finished the book, it’s a bit hard since its not remotely close to Christmas, I have found a fascinating fact that is sooo necessary to let everyone, especially my Christian friends know.  With all the hoopla of “X-Mas”  “Don’t take Christ out of CHRISTMAS!” etc… The word Christ in Greek is X.  Yes, that’s correct, X = Christ in Greek!  So, no, they are not taking Christ out of Christmas, they are just speaking Greek.   I am sure there is an “its all Greek to me!” joke in here, I just can’t find it.  So, food for thought, if you think the world is taking Christ out of Christmas, maybe you need to take yourself out of the world.  As the question I have always asked goes…Are you in it or of it?

Thursday’s Reveal

This is the Thursday Reveal!  Or, also known as Kimberly’s confessions…..with a few pics thrown in.  Now it’s my first time and I am feeling a bit self conscious about sharing some things, so please, keep your mockings at a minimum.

I have a secret crush on Nelly.  Less revealing, I hate mushrooms, olives and bananas.  I do not like, at all, shooting in a studio, and will not do it.   I believe that if Gene Kelly were alive, I may have been his stalker.  I LOVE Masterpiece Theater. And lastly, I wish I could dance Hip-Hop without looking like a complete moron.

You’ll have to wait for more exciting reveals on another Thursday.