National Geographic 101

Since it is spring and I have extra energy and quiet time I am posting my half hour National Geographic photo documentary.  These were taken at Burr Pond/Park.  I had not been there since its renovation.  I think the kids and I will have to picnic there soon!

These two geese were the only ones there, but were sooo loud!

Once I had the sun behind me, the color on these Mallards (?) was amazing.

One of the cool things is the ducks are all partnered and never go far from their mates.  This pairing I found really funny/odd.  Its the first I have seen of inter-species dating!

I thnk I might need to practice some more on my high speed live action shooting.

Also, if you want to see any of these images in a larger format, just click on them and that should do the trick!


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