Having it all.

Tolerance is a word you keep hearing.  Anti-bullying rants abound.  But what is it that is really desired here?  What is it that is lacking?  When I was younger I had a best friend that I did everything with.  Every waking moment available we spent together.  As a form of punishment our parents would ground us from each other.  I remember the un-conditionality of that relationship.  Sure, we had common interests and many times we were ying and yang.  We would get sick of each other and leave for like an hour or two, but it always came back to us.  They were blissful times in my childhood.  Are we still friends? You bet!  But I can’t tell you how long its been since we’ve spoken.  Almost a year I would guess. But that is not where I am going with this.  The point is, there was a universal acceptance of each other.  We were ourselves and accepted and blissful in that honesty.  As I have gotten older and now I feel, encroaching middle age, there is one truth that I can be assured of and that is we all want to be accepted.  Not by a group or a club, but by someone and anyone, just for who we are.  Blissfully and honestly for who we are.   But it seems the more you accept yourself the more aware you are of how un-accepting people are of you.  The people on the streets, the rest of the world whom you do not know does not matter, but its the people who are closest to you that are the ones that do.  It is a difficult place to be un-accepted, in all the ways that matter by those closest to you, the people who should be most accepting.  I am resting in the grace that God has so artfully made me, just to be me.  He created every fiber of my being and has shaped me through my experiences and mistakes and freely, blissfully and honestly accepts me for me.  For I am a daughter of the King and I am accepted and I am loved.  Is that not what we all really want?

National Geographic 101

Since it is spring and I have extra energy and quiet time I am posting my half hour National Geographic photo documentary.  These were taken at Burr Pond/Park.  I had not been there since its renovation.  I think the kids and I will have to picnic there soon!

These two geese were the only ones there, but were sooo loud!

Once I had the sun behind me, the color on these Mallards (?) was amazing.

One of the cool things is the ducks are all partnered and never go far from their mates.  This pairing I found really funny/odd.  Its the first I have seen of inter-species dating!

I thnk I might need to practice some more on my high speed live action shooting.

Also, if you want to see any of these images in a larger format, just click on them and that should do the trick!

The Neighs have it!

Horses.  LuLu refers to them as “Neighs”.  India LOVES them.  Rowen thinks they are cool! I have a great respect for those beauties.  I believe,  and I think they will agree, that it is best if I stay on the ground.  In fact, they have proven it to me more than a few times!  I remember when we liked each other a lot more.  I wonder what went wrong?

Marching in on me.

It’s the onslaught of March.  It’s a month of digging out of the cold, hope for the spring and searching for my motivation.  I have been unusually down and low this year.  I am not sure where this is coming from.  As I long to lose that last 10-12 pounds, I can not feel compelled enough to do it.  I have excuses.  I have been unable to find my ipod for 3 months and I cannot workout without it.  I was going to register for a race, but it was filled up before I had the chance.  I feasibly can go to the gym twice a week and it’s not really enough, and plus, on one of those days the circuit class takes some of my equipment.  Take the circuit class?  Oh, I tried that, I don’t really care for the music. Hmph.  So you see my dilemma.  I have to workout at the gym, because that is where the daycare is.  Sigh.  So, if anyone sees my motivation or finds a good enough reason, please let me know.  I’m almost desperate, but no that desperate.  Maybe that is the problem.