Neon Lights

This morning I sat in the Speech/Pathology waiting room to have my oldest daughter, India, tested for possible learning difficulties.  The waiting room is shared with the children’s rehab and physical/occupational therapies.  I had to wait for about an hour and for that hour I witnessed such a pure unadulterated love and joy coming from parents and therapists and other caregivers. I had to hide my face in my cribbage phone app to avoid being called out for my tears.  Kids with Cerebral Palsy, in walkers and wheelchairs, with the largest of smiles and obviously exploding hearts.  I honestly don’t know how the parents do it.  I suppose you are given the gift of a child and you love it unconditionally and it becomes less of a burden and more of unexpected joy and knowledge.  I wish I could have documented these people on camera and heard their stories, but I was merely there to make sure my kid was “normal”.  I think I have redefined normal in my mind and I know my blessings were re-lit with neon lights to remind me of how great they really are.


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