Another Thursday Reveal!

Yes, I have more secrets!  Oh Scandalous!  I know that’s what you are thinking right now.  And I can understand that.  But don’t think you can use any of this as blackmail as I have clearly and willingly admitted all right here for your viewing pleasure!


I once tried out for The Amazing Race.  I know, like how did I not get on?  Must have sensed the fear of all the competition and really just needed higher ratings, otherwise they would have had to rename it as World Domination by Kimberly.  Bruckheimer is a pansy.


I enjoy taking my sons building blocks and creating 3D art.  I get pissed when one of the kids knocks them down.  I don’t quit playing, but sometimes I might “accidentally” knock theirs down.


I use to throw fits and cry when I could not win at games when I was little.  Now that I am big, I just cheat.


Last week at church( this is a TRUE story), the topic was “How to Become an Addict” (still, TRUE story).  Eric and I sat on the couch discussing the topic beforehand, he said”I should go,  have all sorts of addictions” and I said, “I am far too lazy for addictions.  I do not have any energy or desire to become a slave to something”.  So, we did not go to church.  I obviously did not need to go, or maybe I was just lazy.  Eric on the other hand might need a few more sermons to sort his problems out.


And if you all are thinking I have some glamorous life, just blogging my days away while my children play quietly in a corner, sharing prose and other bs, here are a few things I have on my desk.


Happy Thursday, dudes!



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