Thursday Reveal

I have to reveal a strange fact about myself.  Its a fact I discovered this morning and seems almost inhuman to even admit it out loud.  (Deep Breath) I cannot eat pancakes.  There I said it.  I had a smallish silver dollar pancake with my eggs this morning in lieu of toast and discovered that I was almost instantaneously induced into a coma like state.  Seriously folks, this was from ONE small pancake!  It seems unfair.  I did not even put syrup on it!!!  I was so disappointed.  So after three cups of tea I gave in and fell asleep for 20 minutes; at 10:30 am!  Am I the only person with this problem?  I think if I ate regular pasta it might happen too.

I don’t have much for a reveal besides that, however, if you are looking for a good blog entry, try  She has a great post about her experience with Arcade Fire.

There are some in the house that have no problem eating them!


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