Thursday Reveal….(drum roll, please!)

Scary topic….I am not a lover of chocolate.  I am hands down a candy girl.  Don’t know if it was all those childhood trips to Bob’s Market for oversized Pixie Stix, or Laffy Taffy, but I LOVE candy.  Especially cherry flavored Jolly Ranchers.    May not be normal, but hey, its me we are talking about.

On that same note, I am not much for cookies either.  Oreos make me sick, soft cookies make me gag, but I will fight to the death for Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  It’s for a good cause.

On a much more serious note, however, I have to admit to something that some may be frowned upon, or others may call cowardly but as usual, I could give a rip.  Here is the thing, when people make fun of Christians, call them whacko’s , or misguided, I say nothing.  I do not post prideful boastings to my Facebook status, I do not fall prey to the guilt filled e-mails that must be forwarded, I just don’t.  There are a few reasons for that and here they are:  First of all, prideful and boasting are not conducive to my spiritual health-humility is.  And if I am ready to be without fault, then I may put myself out for such criticisms, but I am not there yet.  I have enough self criticisms that I really don’t need anybody else’s.  Secondly, as Eleanor Roosevelt said so eloquently, “No one can make you feel guilty without your consent.”  God knows my heart and He reads my e-mails, that is sufficient.  Thirdly, people who make fun of Christians just don’t get it, I hope one day they do, but if they want to attack my spiritual life without knowing my life, then let them, but I do not need to encourage or feed in to their bashing.

Those who do not see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel and live what I live, cannot be where I am.  St Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel wherever you go, and use words when necessary.”  So talk of my imaginary friend, named Jesus, all you want.  But like a true imaginary friend He is with me wherever I go, there whenever I need Him, loves and accepts me unconditionally and only asks that I do the same for everyone else in the world.  Loving God with all your heart is the easy part, it’s the part where you have to love your neighbor as yourself that is more difficult.  You people make it very difficult most days.

Happy Easter and remember, Jesus loves you, but I’m his favorite!


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