Thursday’s Rambling Reveal

Thursday’s reveal is more like Thursday Ramblings.  Did you ever consider, I mean really think about blogging  about a weight loss effort and actually posting a before picture?  I just seriously considered it and lets just say , I have pictures of kitties and puppies today!  Seems the 40th year has taken away something from me.  My ability to eat mostly what I want and maintain.  Not so much anymore.  I did head back to the gym this week.  I am currently typing with my tongue as the rest of my body is gripped in pain, pardon the drool!  I have decided to make an effort to lose 16 pounds. um yeah.  Have you ever really looked at all the weight loss plans out there?  I know “diets” are not the way to go, but what do I have to change/eat to get this figured out?  I am not getting any younger.

On that note, puppies and kitties.

Happy Thursday!



  1. If you think weight loss is tough at 40, wait until 50! Your metabolism starts its downward trend at 30 and I think it comes to a complete stop in the fifth decade. Since my hysterectomy and my spine surgery, I cannot get rid of about 20 pounds I’ve been carrying around for about 4 years. It creeps up on you and then you look in the mirror and gasp, “What the ****?” Best practices on weight loss are about changing the way you look at food–it is FUEL, not PLEASURE. To lose weight you must think not DIET but LIFESTYLE changes. Some women I know in my age group are having tons of success with the low-carb, high protein and regular exercise mix. I’ve been trying it and I don’t know if it’s working or not because I’M AFRAID TO GET ON THE SCALE! But, on the plus side (that’s SIDE not SIZE), some of my size 14 pants are starting to feel loose. I think another piece of the puzzle is how you feel about yourself. I hate how I look and that spills over into how I feel about myself overall. I do not see myself the way other people do and if we all could see ourselves that way, we’d be a lot less stressed about our looks. And that brings in another strand–STRESS. The older we get, the more we are vulnerable to the damage stress can do. If you are stressed in any area of your life, you won’t be able to get rid of an ounce because stress is a key component of increased cortisol, which is what keeps weight on and particularly belly fat. I’m trying this plan: 5-7 days a week, 15-20 minutes RIGOROUS, MAKES ME PANT AND HUFF RUNNING on the treadmill followed by 10-30 minutes brisk walking with the heart rate at the higher end of the VO2 Max scale. One-two days of strength training with John Dillard. Eating low-carb (no bread, pasta, fruit, sugar, chocolate). In a week, I will weigh myself and then go from there. Let me know what you think.


    1. I totally get the stress thing, but my gut is not the biggest of my problems. I was thinking of trying the Dukan Diet-thus the need for a bookstore. My food is not bad at all. In fact I eat better than most, and have no love for food in general. When I was in my early 20’s I got up to 170 lbs. I read a great book called “Feeding the Hungry Heart” by Geneen Roth. That worked for me then in discovering my eating issues when I was 23, but I really have none of those issues anymore. I really believe it is biological and must be the carb/protein combination. If you have not, take a look at the Dukan plan, this link is from someone who is using it- and tell me what you think. Let me know how that goes with Dillard, I am never in the mood for rigorous running.


  2. Any rigorous cardio will do the trick, brisk walking, biking, elliptical, etc. Doesn’t have to be running. I think it is all the carb/protein thing, too. One of my friends said when she went low carb, she stopped getting cravings for carbs, which is one of my biggest problems. That and the pesky Lapham fat genes….I’ll check out the site.


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