So I am wondering if Facebook is even worth having.  What purpose does it serve anyway?  We collect friends, some of us hoarders, like its a competition.  We friend everyone for sheer morbid curiosity.  Is it the best way to stay in touch, or is it all too much information?  How many of us have reconnected with old friends and are actually spending time with them in person?  Are there rules to what you can post and what you cannot post?  Do I need to know what people are making for dinner and then see a picture of it?  Am I just a bored housewife who just wishes that whatever she had to say has some value in it and people actually care what I think?  I am finding it a bit much.  Is it our busy lives that keeps us from connecting with people to actually have conversations in person?  Has technology sucked us into the vortex of a semi-virtual life where we feel we have no outlet to express our views and opinions and emotions except on a website?  I am beginning to believe so.  And what if those opinions are not the same as others?  God forbid if we think, live, speak, walk differently.

The opinions on this post are those of the blogger, and do not represent anyone else, only herself.


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