Onion Pits and Other Obscenities

Just a few highly evolved thoughts and ramblings to offer up to you……..

If Adrian wants to improve their image then………


hmmmm… well anyway……

My right armpit smells like onions on a Subway sandwich, while my left is more of the milder vidalia variety.  What gives?  I have not had Subway or onions in the last 24 hours?  What?  That was too much information?

This is my day:  Dishwasher is broken and backing up into the sink and leaking through the floor to the basement, my brakes have air in the line AGAIN and are barely moving, my toliet is running and sweating so bad that its dripping profusely all along the pipes in the basement, there is a plastic bead stuck in the track where my lint catcher goes into my dryer, my water/ice maker line that goes to my refrigerator is not connected and I have to prioritize which one gets fixed first.


On the other hand, I got a Hot-n-Ready pizza, crazy bread, 4 snack size McFlurries and one large unsweetend tea and paid for it all in quarters.  Yep, that’s my day!


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