Here We Go!

Late one Wednesday evening, the night before my birthday, my husband says he needs to give me my present a little bit early.  He says I need to have it now, in order to prepare.  Prepare for what, exactly?  Looks like I am heading to Chicago the next day and spending the night! Alone!  What time did you say my train leaves in the morning?  8:20 am, you say?  And what time is it now?  10:15 pm?  And you think that is enough time to prepare?  And who exactly is going with me?  Alone you say?  To a city known for its nightlife and jazz clubs?  Hmmmm…..  Well, lets start with the train ride…

So I had it all figured out, at least for the amount of time I had to figure it out; I was going to wile away the time on the train figuring out my life’s goals, fantasizing of the french countryside and journal-ing my thoughts and dreams and whatever else I chose to do.  I naturally assumed I would see Oprah, by the way.    Um, yeah.

Then I met THEM!  THEM? Oh the 3 guys that I thought were on a blue haired tour, but actually ended up being on a train to Omaha, Nebraska to mark off one of their events on their “Bucket List”.  They even had shirts to prove it!  They were 3 retired law enforcement officers, one from the Sheriff’s department, one a city cop and one a state trooper.  Turns out the state trooper and I knew a lot of the same people!  They asked if I would be their fourth in euchre.  They also offered me a bourbon and Pepsi, at 9:00 am.  I took the Pepsi, left the bouron and we never did play euchre.  I think I was just plain intimidating.

The train was only 2 hours late arriving…not the TGV.  But nonetheless, I arrived, ready to walk the 0.8 miles to the hotel and start my adventure!



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