Hit the ground running…..

The train pulls in and I step out of the station, armed with my GPS  and hotel reservations and am on my way!  As I cross the bridge, a gust of wind flies through me and I am instantly transported to the Mary Tyler Moore show!  Winds blowing, and Mary gazing up at all the bigness and business of the city!  I am energized!

And then I begin my walk.  I am fully prepared to see homeless people begging for money, in fact I have seen them arguing over who gets which corner.  But what I was not prepared to see was a homeless vet, younger than I, sitting down, wearing his medals, with a sign next to him asking for help.  For the whole walk to the hotel, I could not shake it.  My mind kept going back to how does this happen?  In fact this kept creeping up on me my whole trip.  I will get back to this periodically, but to go onto a lighter note, I did finally arrive at my hotel!

It was the same hotel as the guests from Oprah stay at!  That made me all the more sure that I would run into her!

This is the view from my window if I zoomed all the way out and stood on the farthest edge of the window and then squinted!  The other side of the window?  Cement.  I wondered if Oprah’s guest ever stayed in this room?

AAHHHH!!!  A big bed all for myself!

Fancy shmancy soaps dans la salle de bain!

The hotel was older, lets call it more historical, but full of some great details often overlooked in the newer modern hotels.

Character filled nooks.

And fancy shmancy elevator doors!


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