Expect the Unexpected


So I am pretty excited for this little adventure and have to make sure I check my watch so I don’t miss the last water taxi out.  Oh wait, I don’t have a watch…make that check my cellphone.  This whole pagoda welcoming thing is confidence building!

There is no signage to tell me where “Chinatown” is, but I believe I am on the right track.

Oh!  Here is a small gallery of shops.  Figures, everything is made in China.

Oh wait!  Now I am here!

Well, this was cool.  But really only 2-3 blocks, that is it?  I am not sure what I expected, but I know i expected more than this.  I did not even notice any Dim-Sum, what gives?  Well, let’s turn here.


These were unexpected!  Well, that’s it.  Hmph.  IAt least I can catch the earlier water taxi and still make it to the beach!

So, Chinatown did not live up to my expectations.  I am guessing that if I knew someone that lived here, then I could have had a really cool time, but I don’t.

So, moral of the story.  Always try something new, keep your expectations low and your mind open.  Even though the “town”  was not great, the neighborhoods were a delightful treat.


Kung Pow!

I stumble upon the water taxi stand.  These are not the boats that take you on a tour through the city via the river, no this is a cheap, un-narrated, somewhat relaxing way to get to farther points in the city.  I am down with that.  So I decide to take the water taxi to China town.  I know this is not near by the beach, however, I am on an adventure and I can only imagine all the cool nooks and crannies and crazy little shops I will discover!

Here is some of the scenery on the ride over!

I kept waiting for a car to fall off the edge.

Kung Pow! We’ve arrived!


Do you have a Calder in your garden?

So the morning after, I have to plan my attack.  I need to see Chicago, in all its finery in less than 12 hours.  So what do I hit first?  My first trip to Chicago I saw the Sears Tower so I can skip that.  I also went to the art museum, but…I’ll need to go back.  But since I really just wanted to relax at the beach, that’s where I am headed and these are some sights I saw along the way!

If you turn around from here, you an see the beach.  So I must be headed the right way!

All that goes through my mind is White and Nerdy.  Must be the helmets!

Whoa!  major expressway! Guess I’ll need to walk down a bit farther to get to the beach.

Oh look!  It’s Eric in the shower!

Everyone needs a little Calder in your garden.

Since I am here I better go in!  What? $18 bucks?  Gift shop is nice!  Have you ever heard of Toledo Museum of Art?  It’s free!

Was totally tired from looking for entryway to beach, however, did find this AWESOME thai restaurant that my friend Cornelia and I stumbled upon last December.  YUMMMMMY!

So,the tea sucks in the thai place so I went around the corner and grabbed an ice tea at Starbucks.  Streetscapes….

Remember my Elvis reference?  Yep, that’s them.  My new blue suede shoes and my most grooviest new leather purse, courtesy of TJMaxx!

Stay tuned for my exciting adventure to Chinatown and my beach party!

So, throughout the whole day that is what I did.  I walked, walked and walked.  And here are some pictures of what I saw.

So after all this walking, and shopping, I had to buy myself a new pair of shoes.  I had packed horribly, maybe I did that subconsciously.  Anyway, I bought a new pair of shoes, which you will see in the next post.  Think Elvis!

I also felt torn about what to do with my evening.  Here I was alone in Chitown, the city at my feet and what was I going to do?  I called my husband.  My heart really just wanted to lay in the middle of my king sized bed and flip the remote manically or read a book, but I am in Chicago!  My husband convinced me to go out to eat, at least.  So I compromised and went to the hotels restaurant and have a meal and a glass of wine.

I should have just gone to bed.


So, I have a little funny story to tell.  On my first day of adventure I walk out onto Michigan Ave and begin to head south.  I figure I should check out the area and find some grub.  As I am walking, I pass a couple deep in conversation and I had to do a double take.  In fact, a triple take.  I swear to God it was Donald Sutherland.  Now I am not the type to go running for an autograph, oh no, that would be unclassy of me.  Instead, I decide to turn around and follow them, stalking is much more refined!  All the while having in argument in my head that I am an idiot.  Is there really an argument there?  But seriously, it was Donald Sutherland!!!  So I followed behind them as they went to a restaurant.  Now, I know you think this is insane, but it made sense since I was starving.  At this point I am laughing at myself and recognizing how ridiculous I am.  So I opt to eat el fresco, while they dine indoors.  I order, and am served, and then they reappear.  And sit outside.  Right in front of me.  I casually turn my cellphone camera on, and inconspicuously try taking a couple of pictures of them.  Thwarted by lagging shutter speed, I resign myself to the fact that this will only be a fishtale.  However, now this is the best part, when they got up to leave, the woman turned back to him and said, “I’ve forgotten my purse, could you grab it George?”

Needless to say, I went a different direction.  But this is what I found…….

I swear this is Dustin Hoffman.

I love the boy at the end of the rainbow!