So, I have a little funny story to tell.  On my first day of adventure I walk out onto Michigan Ave and begin to head south.  I figure I should check out the area and find some grub.  As I am walking, I pass a couple deep in conversation and I had to do a double take.  In fact, a triple take.  I swear to God it was Donald Sutherland.  Now I am not the type to go running for an autograph, oh no, that would be unclassy of me.  Instead, I decide to turn around and follow them, stalking is much more refined!  All the while having in argument in my head that I am an idiot.  Is there really an argument there?  But seriously, it was Donald Sutherland!!!  So I followed behind them as they went to a restaurant.  Now, I know you think this is insane, but it made sense since I was starving.  At this point I am laughing at myself and recognizing how ridiculous I am.  So I opt to eat el fresco, while they dine indoors.  I order, and am served, and then they reappear.  And sit outside.  Right in front of me.  I casually turn my cellphone camera on, and inconspicuously try taking a couple of pictures of them.  Thwarted by lagging shutter speed, I resign myself to the fact that this will only be a fishtale.  However, now this is the best part, when they got up to leave, the woman turned back to him and said, “I’ve forgotten my purse, could you grab it George?”

Needless to say, I went a different direction.  But this is what I found…….

I swear this is Dustin Hoffman.

I love the boy at the end of the rainbow!

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