Do you have a Calder in your garden?

So the morning after, I have to plan my attack.  I need to see Chicago, in all its finery in less than 12 hours.  So what do I hit first?  My first trip to Chicago I saw the Sears Tower so I can skip that.  I also went to the art museum, but…I’ll need to go back.  But since I really just wanted to relax at the beach, that’s where I am headed and these are some sights I saw along the way!

If you turn around from here, you an see the beach.  So I must be headed the right way!

All that goes through my mind is White and Nerdy.  Must be the helmets!

Whoa!  major expressway! Guess I’ll need to walk down a bit farther to get to the beach.

Oh look!  It’s Eric in the shower!

Everyone needs a little Calder in your garden.

Since I am here I better go in!  What? $18 bucks?  Gift shop is nice!  Have you ever heard of Toledo Museum of Art?  It’s free!

Was totally tired from looking for entryway to beach, however, did find this AWESOME thai restaurant that my friend Cornelia and I stumbled upon last December.  YUMMMMMY!

So,the tea sucks in the thai place so I went around the corner and grabbed an ice tea at Starbucks.  Streetscapes….

Remember my Elvis reference?  Yep, that’s them.  My new blue suede shoes and my most grooviest new leather purse, courtesy of TJMaxx!

Stay tuned for my exciting adventure to Chinatown and my beach party!

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