Out with the Old and in with the New!

I know, its a multitude of posts today, but I will be leaving for an actual vacation and by the time I get back, well, school will be very close to starting.  So I have caught up on the highlights of the summer, which really have been few.  Mostly because we are in middle of a big fat move. Its been such a monstrous task that I am actually thankful we have not sold the house yet.  I have been coming back every weekend to clean out more crap, do more yard work and to remind myself that I will never buy another thing again-except maybe clothes.  A girl has her limits.  Because of Eric having to work so far away, its put quite a strain on the family dynamics.  He has only been coming home every couple of days, whilst sleeping on other peoples couches.  BUT we have a job.  Many people can’t say that.  In fact its a very good job, so good they are assisting us in renting a place for one year, until our house sells.  (They obviously have no idea about the economic climate in which we currently live.)


In any case, summer has been pretty much a drag.  So, I am hoping that this next week will bring some much needed rest and relaxation.  I am rather excited to blog my new experiences in a place where it can take me 4.5 minutes to get to a Target, instead of 45 minutes.  I’ll leave you with some dorky faces of the kids, including Molly, and a view off our deck.  See you in September!



Independence Day!!!


Two days at the beach for the fireworks!  AS you can see, they were off and running!  It was great to be with family and we saw an amazing fireworks show right on Lake Michigan!


I think they were talking about the waves, water temperature and the overall temperament of the lake.

Ummm…well, tween years, here we come!

Cousin Jack.