A Soldier’s Story

I returned from my trip to Chinatown and got off near the train station where I arrived just a day earlier.  Recognizing this, I immediately went to find the soldier.  He kept coming to my mind through out the day and I had decided to find out his story.  I mean, really, how do serve your country, come back from war and end up on the streets?  I needed to know.  Who failed him?  The country?  The government?  His family and friends?  Himself?  So I started walking…..I never found him.  I went up and down the neighboring blocks, but he wasn’t there.  This is not the first time I’ve missed obvious opportunities that God has set in my path, and probably won’t be the last.  I just hope that I’ll grasp all the ones in between.



So after all my wandering and no finding, I realized I had very little time to get to the beach before my train was going to leave.  I asked a guy in Starbucks where, how far, etc… ..that was when I learned you cannot go to the beach in Chicago, you have to go north, just a bit out of the city and walking there would be really ambitious of me-at least that’s what the dude at Starbuck’s said.  In any case, thanks, Chicago.


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