Out with the Old and in with the New!

I know, its a multitude of posts today, but I will be leaving for an actual vacation and by the time I get back, well, school will be very close to starting.  So I have caught up on the highlights of the summer, which really have been few.  Mostly because we are in middle of a big fat move. Its been such a monstrous task that I am actually thankful we have not sold the house yet.  I have been coming back every weekend to clean out more crap, do more yard work and to remind myself that I will never buy another thing again-except maybe clothes.  A girl has her limits.  Because of Eric having to work so far away, its put quite a strain on the family dynamics.  He has only been coming home every couple of days, whilst sleeping on other peoples couches.  BUT we have a job.  Many people can’t say that.  In fact its a very good job, so good they are assisting us in renting a place for one year, until our house sells.  (They obviously have no idea about the economic climate in which we currently live.)


In any case, summer has been pretty much a drag.  So, I am hoping that this next week will bring some much needed rest and relaxation.  I am rather excited to blog my new experiences in a place where it can take me 4.5 minutes to get to a Target, instead of 45 minutes.  I’ll leave you with some dorky faces of the kids, including Molly, and a view off our deck.  See you in September!



One Comment

  1. Kimberly-
    Your pictures are beautiful! I especially like the one of Rowan in the window. Is your last picture of your new yard?


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