First Day of School

It’s the first day of school.  New school, new home, like a new lease on life.  She is going from a class of 12 to one of 4 classes of 24.  I am no longer driving her to school, she rides her bike to the bus stop and gets on from there.  I think, if anything, I was more nervous than she was.  And now we are into our 4th week of school and its not easy for her.  She has made friends and of course, they have already hurt her feelings.  She comes home each night with a ton of homework and a ton of attitude.  So, I guess, in general, she is just normal.

On the flip side of this, Rowen and LuLu are getting some “homeschooling” with mom.  The first two days were just fine, but well, lets just say we are learning all that life has to offer us and if that includes an occasional letter or number, then great!  This is one of their most exciting finds thus far:

It’s all apart of our Science and Nature curriculum, no really!

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