My Backyard.

So, let me tell you about my backyard.  Like all the other backyards in our subdivision, we are not allowed to have fences.  I guess this is to avoid property line disputes and make it seem like more friendly, communal living.  This also means if you have a dog, it must always be on a leash or you have an underground fencing system thingy ma jiggy.   Nothing freaks me out more than a dog running across their lawn, barking its head off and then abruptly stopping just shy of my meaty thigh.  I think those shock collars are mean.  Unless you use them on an unruly child.  In any case, I have been forced into walking my dog every morning around the small lake and then cleaning up her poo like I am some sort of animal lover.  Have you noticed how people treat their dogs like children?  I met a guy in the neighborhood who walks his two little yappers 9 miles a day-broken up into 4 different walks!!!!  Oh dear God!  Molly gets one walk a day, just like me.  She gets her core work out with the kids.  But truly I digress and I just wanted to show you what my backyard looks like from my back deck when the sun is starting to set.

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