Fall is upon us.

We finally had a weekend where we did not have to drive back to Adrian for anything.  A weekend where all kids were home and we could venture out as a unit to explore what the area has to offer.   Saturday had big plans, but of course got whitewashed and ended up with me spending a lot of time in the car or in the grocery store. But Sunday it all came to fruition.  We dragged our children, two of them begrudgingly, to a new church.  For some reason, one of them  saw a sign that said the services ran from 11am – 1pm.  You can only imagine the groans and moans.  It actually finished at 12:15pm. All that angst built up, why are teenagers so weird?  Anyways, we grabbed sandwiches and then headed out for an afternoon at the apple orchard!    I believe Google needs to create an app that screams-“Yes, this looks like the shortest way, but this is a dirt road that desperately needs to be graded!”  Think there’s an app for that?


My first attempt at a picture of all the kids together.

My second attempt.

I’m not sure where they get it from.

Happy Autumn!


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