Thursday Reveal.

Its been awhile since I have had a Thursday Reveal.. maybe this means I am coming to some sense of normalcy.  Probably not.

I recently vented on my Facebook about a problem I have.  It’s an uncommon problem for a woman, but, at times, tears me up.  It eats away a t my brains and makes me feel less of the woman I am.  I cannot find shoes.  I have small feet.  Size 5 1/2.  I have to look strictly at clearance racks to see if the store even carries my size.  Most stores I tell you, do not.  I have checked online and have found that my problem runs deeper than the size.  I literally cannot find shoes that I like, or think they would look cool on me-none of it.  I am a huge fan of The Sartorialist and Garance Dore, but I look at the shoes on their sites and think no way.  I am dumbfounded.  In a conundrum.  I have 12 pairs of shoes in my closet.  12 may seem like a lot to one or mere pittance to another.  Of these 12, half of them are a half-size too big.  1 pair I can wear with dresses or skirts only, 3 pairs of black dress shoes.  4 pairs of tennis shoes or a variation of them.  and one pair of ballet flats and a pair of blue suede loafers.  Don’t believe me?

Is there help for me?


One Comment

  1. Well, you could have feet that are 10.5 or 11’s. That too is a problem. Clearance racks even suck for this. Lets face it…there are just certain shoes that look like boats that small families could use to cross calms waters, once past size 8. Can not help you. Glad that you still have your blog. I was cleaning out my favorites and re-found this.


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