Thursday Reveal……

A lot going on in my head and my heart today.  Nothing I am able to reveal, so instead I’ll leave it until I can explain it.  But, on a lighter note, I will reveal this…..I like J.Lo’s music.  hee hee hee!  Does that make me a freak?  Maybe a little.  But whatever.    I can also reveal that I do not care for Lady GaGa.  Does that make me abnormal?  I mean besides all the other things that make me abnormal?  I hate mushrooms, olives and other pickled things beyond cucumbers.


I wish I was really witty and was a better writer so my grand wit would be read by all!  Or at least those that are reading my less than grand wit right now…..


I’m not a single-minded individual.  I think I may have a form of mental ADD-what you didn’t notice?   hmmm…. I like to write like it’s a stream of consciousness,.  Only because it seems a bit more authentic and punctuation gets in the way sometimes.  It has nothing to do with my desire to be a beatnik like Jack Kerouac.  Although I do love cigarette pants-are they back in style yet?   Oh look I have wandered.

I found a great drawing my eldest daughter created.  I have yet to get the full details about how this image came about, but I’ll let you tell me the story and we will see how accurate any of you are!


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