Homeschooling: Science

My adventures in homeschooling two pre-schoolers have been less than idyllic.  Pre-schoolers need school you say?  Why yes, if they want to enter kindergarten they do.  And my children, particularly my son, thrives on structure and learning.  Last year while my husband was ironing he explained to his dad how the liquid gets all hot and turns into gas.  He was 3 at the time.  So yes, for some pre-schoolers, early education is awesome!  On that note, I was a substitute teacher for a short period of time when I was finishing up my degree.  It was a chance to make a little cash and see if I wanted to pursue my teaching certificate.  I will just let the fact that I am blogging at 9:00 am on a Wednesday speak to my choices.

With that being said, and my degree being in art, most things we do are rather art related.  Its really the only way I know how to do things.  So we took a field trip.  We went to Bald Mountain Recreation area.  Trust me when I say that the mountain is bald.  In fact, so bald I could not see the mountain.  But has a nice lake, 16 miles of trail hikes and some great spots for kids to play.  We gathered some leaves and brought them back.  Now you are probably thinking, “they discussed the life cycle of plants!”  Well of course not, silly!  We discussed the properties of wax paper and what happens when you heat it with something like an iron.  Here are our results:

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday, Mom!


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