Thursday Reveal

Throughout the week little things pop into my mind that I can post on my ” Thursday Reveal”.  Of course, now its Thursday and I have forgotten them all!!!  So, first of all, I will reveal that my memory is slipping.  BIG TIME!!!  I seriously walk from one room to the next and can’t remember why I am there.  Maybe we are being fed too much information and my mind is having a hard time sifting through the crap to decide what is good to keep and what is junk mail.  But one thing that my memory has not seemed to diminish is my ability to remember people’s names.  It is actually embarrassing.  When you have only met someone once and remember their name, but they don’t remember yours?  Not cool.  Either way you look at it.  They are embarrassed for not remembering yours because they must feel awkward because they have made you feel un-memorable on the other hand, you feel awkward because you have made them feel awkward because you really were not that memorable.  And in all fairness-I really just remember names and faces pretty darn well.  None of you are really all that memorable.  It’s just a quirk in my machinery.  MAYBE I have too many people’s names in my head and that’s why I can’t remember anything else!  Guess I will just crawl under my cozy rock and not meet anyone else!


On the note of age, my first-born turned 15 this past weekend.  I was hoping to do some fun things and have some mom/son bonding time.  Apparently I forgot that at the age of 15 you are really only good for a ride and some cash.  Hmph.  Somethings I can remember though.  Helping him catch his first fish, his love of the triceratops, the red Power Ranger, the Crocodile Hunter and the hours of watching the Jungle Book and Tarzan.  Now he texts me from the next room while we watch the same sports event in different rooms, because he is just too independent and too cool to be around his mom.  Except when he wants a sandwich.



For his birthday he custom designed his own pair of Nikes.  I’ll post a pic as soon as they get here!

(If I remember!)


Happy Thursday!



  1. What a hoot! Welcome to middle age, dear cousin! And of course for a 15-year-old, parents are simply ATMs. He’ll never be able to deny you completely since he looks just like you. Love the posts!


  2. I am the absolute opposite when it comes to remembering names! It has nothing to do with how memorable the person is, I am an equal opportunity name forgetter! 🙂


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