Halloween Spirits……

Its taken at least 20 years, but its starting to happen.  You see, something happened to me after high school.  I seemed to have lost the Halloween spirit.  Dressing up just wasn’t any fun.  It all seemed too trite and tarty.  Then it just became an internal competition.  I have a deep seeded desire to have the most original costume.  It was all too much pressure and honestly, just taking the kids trick or treating was enough.  Halloween was just not my thing.  Well, it still isn’t my thing, however, the spirit is moving, slowly, but moving.  This weekend we had a Halloween party to attend.  The idea was Skipper and Mary Ann.  Eric had to put his own spin on it and become a Jamaican Rastafarian skipper, so I guess that made me South Central Island Mary Ann.  I have no pictures, yet.  I’ll offer them up if they ever surface!


Regardless, the spirit got its groove on at Chez Pinkel!

With Phase I of our carving complete, we move on to decorating the yard, just a little……With some of our homemade art projects! (see homeschooling….)


Rowen and LuLu’s masterpieces.  Rowen is the one with the mustache.  He also got over zealous with his carving and basically carved the whole eye out.  Looks kinda like a pirate, no?

Phase II of carving:  India-well, practice, practice, practice.  This is a howling wolf.

Eric’s has a giant forehead, or really a five or six head.  When its lit up its translucent and he’s going to add brains to it.  He is our special effects guru, mon!

Oh yes, I believe the Halloween spirit is brewing for Kimberly!  Where is Tristan’s?  Oh he is 15.  The spirit is getting ready to depart from that train.


One more Halloween party yet to come and new costumes too!  What, you thought we would repeat our others?  No way!  The spirit’s moving and these ones are going to be even better!  I’ve got my Halloween MoJo back!


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