Happy Halloween!

Our first Halloween in our new neighborhood.  I had high hopes for the this night.  But alas it is the night of doom and gloom…..  Eric was to come home to go with us, but was having problems at work and I had to do this alone.  I got the kids ready and off we went.

LuLu as the Fairy Princess Ballerina-pretty much her daily wardrobe plus a crown.

Rowen as a Beetle Borg Power Ranger Ninja candy killer.

India the Grecian Goddess of Candy.

Also known as the three stooges.

We headed out into a quintessential neighborhood.  One like out of the movies. Where all the houses are dressed up just so.  Lots of kids are out and neighbors chatting and laughing.  Our neighbors headed out at the same time.  Perhaps I should be less cynical, or maybe I am just more considerate, but if I had new neighbors and our kids were all talking and you were two women by yourselves, I would ask the other to join me.  Perhaps she really just wanted to drag her kids around the neighborhood by herself.  Or maybe she was meeting someone.  Yeah, maybe.  Doom and gloom.  Not to say we didn’t have fun.

After this, is where India decided to just go by herself, because none of her classmates asked her to go with them.  Although we passed several.  This kind of thing makes a girls mom’s heart pretty darn sad.  Doom and gloom.

This cats head moved.  It was sooo cool!

Home Sweet Home!

Please do not get me wrong, I am not all crying  that nobody cares about me, blah, blah, blah!  But unless you are or have been transplanted and your only way to convey these feelings of isolation is on a blog that you know no one really reads, then you just don’t quite understand.  I am missing my Halloween tradition of leaving the young ones home after round 1, grabbing India and heading the Raab’s neighborhood and grabbing a beer from Joe and hitting the road with them and their hood.  feeling a bit sentimental.  On a brighter note, the neighbor girl came back by and grabbed India for round two.  A girls moms heart felt a little bit better.  Time to go raid some candy bags!


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