My Weekend

I had to travel back to our other house, the one we are trying to sell, to put away outdoor furniture and put storm windows in.  Not a very exciting adventure, but I also got the chance to do a photo shoot of a very special family.  You see, the heads of this household introduced me to my now husband over 15 years ago.  Our oldest children grew up so tightly together that I really thought they would morph into each other.  But time, life and the world seem to get in the way and people move, change, have different life experiences that alter who they are and how we see the world.  Its good to know that regardless of these occurrences, when we do get to see each other, we pick up like we never left off in the first place.  I am so grateful to have friends like that.  Thanks, Dave and Gina!

Thanks for ending my weekend off wonderfully!  We’ll talk about my alternator and checking mistake on another day!


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