Catching up!

So this past weekend left me a little bit spent.  I had a great time with a good friend catching up and a great photo session, but when the alternator died and I had one kid with a 103 temp all weekend and then I made a checking error that put replacing the alternator on hold, well…it kind of sucked.  So I am trying to catch up a little bit.  I have some more art to show you and if I have anything to reveal for Thursday’s Reveal, I’ll throw it in tomorrow!

This is “Plum Blossom, Van Gogh”, oil pastel, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2.  I recently went back to some art books and did some studies on the “Masters”.  I find Van Gogh’s brush work and use of color amazing.  When I was at university, in Drawing I, we were given an image to copy.  I was handed a Da Vinci.  A DA VINCI!!!!   Really?  Well guess what?  I did it and it looks great and it was a HUGE confidence builder.  You see some people are gifted as artists.  Some have a passion for art but no talent.  Others have a passion and are talented, but not gifted.  That would be me.  Artists tend to strive to be gifted, but that is God given, we have to struggle to be really good and then when you reach it you don’t believe it and keep going.  In any case, I harkened back to those days to rejuvenate my spirit and my work and also to make it my own.


“Japanese Arbor, Van Gogh” oil pastel, 4 x 4.


This is another piece in my Van Gogh series.  This was taken from a woodcut by Van Gogh-its true- he did more than paint.  I encourage everyone to take an artist, one you may not truly understand, and look for early works.  Under every Picasso, Rothko, Matisse, Pollok lies a very gifted artist that could easily stand next to DaVinci.  When you do not understand the art, it is because you do not understand the journey.  Happy Thursday!


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