Carry On….

Eric just left for Berlin this weekend and I lent him a hand at packing.  It got me thinking about how I pack and some key rules that I use or key items I pack.  Dropping him off at the airport and running into to go to the bathroom really got me wanting to leave.  And go anywhere!  So, all of these things along with dreary weather and watching chick flicks these last two nights really, really, really made me want to check out for a few days, via air travel!

I started thinking about what I pack in my carry – on.  I almost always check my baggage.  Unless I can honestly fit everything in my suitcase without cramming, then I am checking it in.  But what do I put in my carry on?  What are my never leave withouts?  Well, here you are:



Now there are only two items missing: a. eye cover, as Eric has it. and b. the camera, as it is in my hand.  I am sure you are wondering if I take all of this for every trip and the response to that is no!  BUT I do take 75% of them with me.  The shawl/blanket is always with me.  I freeze on airplanes, I know where its been and it works as a wrap or scarf in colder climates.  Obviously I take my passport when visiting out o the country-duh.  I also take with me foreign currency if I have any left over.  I rarely change my money over-its a last minute souvenir.  And comes in handy when I return.  In this picture, it appears I am going to China and Europe-Yeah me!


An eye cover is one item that really depends on how long your flight is and when it is.   As well as magazine(s) and books.  my ipod is missing from this picture as well, however, you really need to take a look at your trip and decide if its necessary.  If its a beach trip for me and I’ll get opportunities to run on the beach-okay, okay- walk on the beach alone, then yes.  If I am headed to Paris?  Who wants to block that out of your ears?  Pas moi!  BUT three essential items one cannot forget in your carry on: lip balm, hand cream and ear plugs.  I don’t care for how long and where you are going, do not forget these  three things.  Replaceable in most countries?  yes!  Do you want to spend 10 euros on the stuff you have at home? NO!

Some other rotational items are a swimsuit and an umbrella.  Again it depends on where you are going with this.  Heading to Jamaica?  carry on your swimsuit in case you lose your luggage.  Nothing sucks more than hitting the beach in your travel sweats and lovely cashmere wrap.  Seriously, do not forget this one!  Umbrella?  I say bring it all the time.  If you are headed to Jamaica or some sunny destination put it in your regular luggage-anywhere else?  carry on.

Water is always a must, my husband also recommends Airborne.  He took some before he left and showed up with a fever, so take that advice loosely.  You will have to buy the water in the airport, but hydration is key!  I also bring one of my oversized purses.  I am really a purse hater.  In my purse will be my wallet, lip balm, lotion and pens, on any given day.  But I buy larger purses that will hold my camera.  My camera is bigger and needs space, but I will NOT sacrifice style on the streets of Florence in order to carry around a big old black camera case.  Non Gratzi!

Now, last, but not least, two things I cannot go without.  A clean pair of underwear and a pair of warm wooly socks!  Seriously-the underwear goes along with the same reasoning as the swimsuit and  the socks, well, I get cold.  And my feet swell.  So I take off my shoes and add warm socks.


How can I carry all this?  Its really not that much.  I actually, in lieu of using my normal carry on bag, used my purse and placed a magazine, water bottle, umbrella, swimsuit, socks, underwear, lip balm, ear plugs, hand cream, wallet , cell phone, passport and currency, boarding pass and book all in my purse.  If I had a smaller camera, it would fit as well.  Oh I forgot snacks!  Grab snacks, you’ll see some crackers in my purse.  Eat a big meal before hand.  Do not suffer through airplane food if you do not have too!



And this concludes this portion of my daydream of going somewhere, anywhere and every where.  Carry On!

UPDATE:  There is something I cannot believe I forgot:  GUM!  Sugar free.  It takes the place of a tooth brush and toothpaste and serves multiple purposes.  Someone suggested two pairs of underwear, but if you take cotton you can easily wash and dry overnight.  Also mentioned was a kindle and or ipad.  Well, I say no way for me.  If I am already carrying my camera, I do not want any extra baggage, as its not safe to leave either of those in your hotel room.  If you are at the beach or the pool, I am sure to get them wet and also, I can lose a book and not be upset.  I can also ditch it if I need extra room on the way back.  A brush?  I have long hair and enjoy the messy bun, so I’m good.  I hate separating my toiletries.   Okay, I think I now have it covered.  Thanks, little mouse for reminding me about my breath 🙂



  1. I would add an extra pair of panties, toothbrush and toothpaste along with a hair brush. With panties and a toothbrush, a girl can go just about anywhere. Plus, a charged-up iPad or Kindle rather than books or magazines.


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