Where’s my MoJo?

It’s Christmas time again….Is it just me, or is it harder and harder to get your Christmas MoJo moving?  It has seemed a bit of a chore this year.  In fact, if I think about it long enough, it seems that its like that a lot!  Trying to fill the expectation of what everyone thinks it should be?  I do love the days following Christmas though, something about wearing something new, or playing with all your gadgets, going to the stores to use your gift cards and hitting a movie or two…oh yes, I like that part!  But the part where you have to try to meet other people’s expectations and having your own are tiring.  So I am trying to find my MoJo.  We put our Christmas tree up and, once again, it is awesomely overloaded!  It seems as if we put one more ornament on, it will tip over like Charlie Brown’s tree.  (Which in my opinion is the best tree EVER!)  Take a look:

Every year we head to Frankenmuth to go to Bronner’s Christmas store.  Everyone picks out an ornament for the tree and that becomes part of their own ornament collection.  So, when they leave the nest, they have a decent start for their own tree.  This was India’s from last year.

It was such a relief when I realized we could start putting ornaments all over the tree, instead of only 3/4 of the way down, because LuLu would just take them off and break them, right?  Um, we probably should have just deocrated the upper half.  She ahs not changed, except she got taller.  Here is one of her ornaments, new this year, and has been moved to a higher place!

The one thing I love about this tradition and also about almost all f our ornaments is there is a story behind them.  They represent an event, or a small part of us.  The cross was purchased in San Simeon, at the Hearst Castle in 2005.  A trip with Eric.

A handmade piece by India, a few years back.

This was my selection, last year.

The fire was lit and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…Rowen says, “Hey why you hanging those big socks up there, mom?  That’s silly!”  We’ll see how silly he thinks it is Christmas morning!

Here’s to finding your MoJo. Maybe I’ll look in those big socks.


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