Week 3…..Secrets..

Week 3 of our 52 week challenge was secrets.  Now I went someplace not so secretive, but the shot I got looked rather secretive, so I went for it.  More importantly, my shot was a technically better shot than my previous.  More concerned about light source, framing, etc… because I was in the middle of a portrait session when I did it!  I need to work on keeping that mentality all the time!

And as a follow up to Friday’s post; I did go to management and made a complaint.

Life is like a Box of Chocolates.

I wasn’t planning on posting today.  I need to get ready to go out of town for a quick trip and I have things to do, but when I found myself locking myself in the bathroom stall in the gym to cry, I knew I’d have to tell someone about this.  We just joined this gym, and after a 5 month absence from working out, I have noticed a bit of atrophy happening.  So I diligently went to 3 yoga “mix” classes and was ready to end my week with pilates.  I came into the class truly surprised that I was only 1 of 5 attendees.  Should have been a sign.  The instructor immediately asked if anyone had not done pilates before.  She looked at me.  It must be the same 4 people that show up.  I said, “yes”.  “What studio?” “I just moved here, it was at a gym.”   She then proceeds in her brusque manner to tell me that she does not actually do the class with us, she will tell us how to do it and make sure we are doing it correctly.

Now at this point multiple things are going through my mind:  a.)  oh crap!  I’m a kinetic learner-this is going to be difficult.  b.)  is it just me or is she angry?  c.)  toughen up, its just ab work, you’ve done it before.

So she proceeds to them tell us to sit upright, not like the girl in the Michigan shirt (me).  So she comes over and physically jerks my body and then pushes on my sternum to physically force my chest to curl in.  After all of this is through, we head to table position.  I am thinking-okay, how bad can I screw this up?  Another side note-I started doing yoga in the year 2000, so table is what it is. Or at least to most people.  I was told twice to keep my head in align with my spine, but how am I suppose to see what everyone else is doing if I cannot turn my head?  I’M A KINETIC LEARNER!!!  So we proceed to doing a modified cat-cow, which meant all cat and very, very, very little cow.  Lactose intolerant?  Well, apparently I was too filled with dairy and she came by me, grabbed the back of my pony tail to adjust my posture.

Now at this point nothing is going through my head that makes any coherent sense at all.  Its like I was in junior high again and being berated for not being fast enough, or unable to do a chin up, or 3 pushups at the ripe old age of 12 is not good enough!  I was between trying not to cry, trying not to get angry and trying to listen to what I’m suppose to do next, but I can’t.  The voices in my head are screaming like a bunch of junior high girls being chased by the mean old gym teacher, and intermittently stiffling a sob.

So, here I am trying desperately to hold it together and I realize I need to figure out the next move.  No need I was again acosted by her  forcible hands into some other position.  It was a total knee jerk reaction, but immediately jumped up and yelled at her.  Seriously, this is me, “EXCUSE ME?  IS IT NECESSARY TO JERK ME AROUND, GRAB MY HAIR AND PUSH ME?”  Yeah, I freaked a bit.  Needless to say, her reaction was to raise her hands and sarcastically saying “Sooorryyyy!  I won’t touch you.”  Was the icing on the cake.  I just picked up my stuff and left and then went into the bathroom and cried.

I grabbed my ipod and got on the treadmill and started walking.  With my eyes closed.  Ever try that?  I had to hang on with two fingers.  I felt like Forrest Gump running from it all, only I was walking.  But having my eyes shut helped me try to arrange it all in my head.  I am not against posture/form correction.  I am against being bullied.  That is how it felt.  And I really felt like she really just didn’t want be there.  She does not want to teach.  She is not a teacher.  She must be a very unhappy person.  But I will thank her for shaving 45 seconds off my mile and allowing for me to go an extra half mile.

I’m trying really hard to just make a life for myself in this new place.  I miss my old gym.  I miss not being the only one who comes into the gym with sweatpants and a t-shirt, instead of Lululemon.  I miss everyone’s smiling faces and friendliness.  The trainers encouragements and just my friends.  On the brightside I got a new pair of running shoes.  I guess we shall see where they take me to, obviously not pilates.

Deal of the Day!

Since I moved up to Lake Orion, I have no place to take my unwanted clothing items.  Normally I would pass stuff onto friends and such, or go tot eh local Goodwill.  Well, there is not a Goodwill very close by, but there is a consignment shop.  Its a bit of a dichotomy for a store, because its like two stores.  The children’s store is called “Twice Blessed” and the woman’s side is called “Divas on Broadway”.  Both are great shops, and regardless of what clothing you have consigned, children’s or woman’s, your credit is at either shop.  Awesome.  So, need less to say I was in the other day looking for a pair of snowpants for the littlest one, which I found, along with a few other things.

I have to admit that in my aging process I have become a quality over quantity kind of girl.  Most particularly in regards to shoes and handbags.  So when I saw this great little leather purse, perfect for anytime, any season I had to get it.  The only draw back is that I can’t zip it with my camera in it.  Minor setback in the world of “Kimberly Thinks She has a Fashion Style”.  But best of all…wait for it…it was only $15.00!  All leather, Banana Republic hand bag for $15.00!!!    Score one for the easily impressed!

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic!

On a Wednesday a short time before Christmas I got a phone call from an old friend asking if I might have time to come take some family pictures.  “Well, when do you want them done?”, “Saturday.  My whole family.  My brother and his kids are flying in from Germany, My sister and her kids are flying in from Texas, and my other sister just had knee replacement surgery, on both knees, and her two boys will be there, and of course my parents…”  “Absolutely”.  You see this friend and I are actually what we like to refer to as “wombmates” not that we actually came out of the same womb, but we were born one day apart, I am the wiser one, and our moms shared a hospital room.  So we are like “wombmates”.  We all wan a 5k together, because we are wunners.  We run some and walk some.  Don’t judge.  When was the last time you did a 5k?

One thing I certainly knew about my gal Sal, was that her family was crazy.  Not like psycho, but like, holy crap you are all a big bag of mixed nuts.  Something I can completely relate to.  All very distinct personalities and all very special in their own way.  I really was honored that she called me and cannot thank her enough for the opportunity and the great support she sends my way, all the time!  These are the nuts:

That is one big bag of deluxe nuts!  Sally told me her mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It made this Christmas seem a little bit more significant than others in the past, even though her prognosis is very good.  Shortly after I finished and headed home,  Mom had everyone help her to shave her head, as she was starting chemo soon after Christmas.  Thank you, Sally for not asking me to document that!  I am not sure if I could handle being a part of such a significant moment.  But I cannot truly thank you enough for allowing me to document your families joy and love.  And the samplings of all the different nuts!

3 out of 4

We live on a little lake. This being our first winter here, we really had not too much idea of how the lake was purposed in the winter. Does anyone ice fish? or how about ice skating? It did not take long to figure out what everyone does. You can only see 3 out of the 4 of the cleared areas.

And of course, yesterday, it was all a melted mesh. I hope they remembered to bring their nets in!

Face Time

Since LuLu got some face time on here yesterday, I though tit only fair to throw a bone in for kid #3, Rowen.  However, I quickly realized while perusing my photos, whilst avoiding any real work, that he really is avoiding the camera lately.  What I ended up with is a barrage of his mental level.  As he is a boy, he will probably stay this way until he is 26, maybe longer. sigh.

What a big ol’ dooper.