Sweet Nectar of God!

I have to admit that I have not made a New Years resolution in a few years.  It’s a part of growing older and wiser and knowing who you are and what your limits are.  In other words, I have never made a New Years Resolution I have been able to keep.    What I have discovered are new and amazing, well to me anyways, things about myself.  So instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I am making New Year’s Revelations!

Just after the winter solstice I recognized that I had an addiction.  I believe every one of us has an addiction to something.  Things beyond the talked of drug/alcohol/food addictions.  Not all addictions are necessarily vices either.  I have chosen to view this addiction, as I am sure I have more than one, as a gift from God.  And that addiction is Honey Goat Cheese.  Goat cheese in general, but Honey Goat Cheese is like the empirical treasure of goat cheeses.  The tartness with the tinge of sweetness…..

See how the rays of light shine down upon it, like God himself is shining down blessing it with its goodness…

Here is a closer look!  I can only find it at Aldi, yes, Aldi!  And sometimes when I go there, they are out!  Its like blasphemy when that happens.  I love Honey Goat Cheese.

What crazy revelation do you have to share?


One Comment

  1. Oh Man – this was too funny. The pictures! I love reading your posts. As for revelations, I really don’t have anything new. I think I am currently stuck in that limbo you described a while ago. Don’t stop posting though, I need your posts! 🙂


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