Let me preface this by saying, I know I already stated that I do not make new Years Resolutions.  Now, something that I decided would be a good thing to do, and is merely coincidental that it happens to be a new year, is get out and take advantage of what is close by and affordable that can enhance or oat least entertain us.  So the NAIAS  (North American International Auto Show) is in town and we decided to take the kids-yes ALL of the kids to go check it out.  Many of our adventures always end up being about the little ones, so I thought this time we could at least give the oldest one a little bread for once.  Everyone had a pretty good time and we saw some really cool things happening in the auto industry.  But lets be frank, we were there to check out all the cool looking race/concept/luxury cars.  And I think we succeeded.  Check out some of the photos. I used my phone camera, so if the quality is not great, I apologize.

This Infinity Elethra was probably one of the coolest cars out there-the whole roof was glass!  And the expressions on everyone’s faces when they came upon it was awesome!  I wished I had brought my proper camera to snag those moments!

Side mirrors on a Mini Cooper.

Rowen dancing with a Kia hamster!

This Camaro was sponsored by Hot Wheels and has a chrome paint job.  It looked just like a life size version of one of Rowen’s Hot Wheels!

This was probably my favorite, but I am completely old school!  If you get the chance to go, make sure you check out what the students at CCS (Center for Creative Studies) are doing.  They are working on some pretty cool and creative stuff!


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