Every Little Thing She Does is Magic!

On a Wednesday a short time before Christmas I got a phone call from an old friend asking if I might have time to come take some family pictures.  “Well, when do you want them done?”, “Saturday.  My whole family.  My brother and his kids are flying in from Germany, My sister and her kids are flying in from Texas, and my other sister just had knee replacement surgery, on both knees, and her two boys will be there, and of course my parents…”  “Absolutely”.  You see this friend and I are actually what we like to refer to as “wombmates” not that we actually came out of the same womb, but we were born one day apart, I am the wiser one, and our moms shared a hospital room.  So we are like “wombmates”.  We all wan a 5k together, because we are wunners.  We run some and walk some.  Don’t judge.  When was the last time you did a 5k?

One thing I certainly knew about my gal Sal, was that her family was crazy.  Not like psycho, but like, holy crap you are all a big bag of mixed nuts.  Something I can completely relate to.  All very distinct personalities and all very special in their own way.  I really was honored that she called me and cannot thank her enough for the opportunity and the great support she sends my way, all the time!  These are the nuts:

That is one big bag of deluxe nuts!  Sally told me her mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It made this Christmas seem a little bit more significant than others in the past, even though her prognosis is very good.  Shortly after I finished and headed home,  Mom had everyone help her to shave her head, as she was starting chemo soon after Christmas.  Thank you, Sally for not asking me to document that!  I am not sure if I could handle being a part of such a significant moment.  But I cannot truly thank you enough for allowing me to document your families joy and love.  And the samplings of all the different nuts!

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