Hemmingway, Where Art Thou?

As you may know, you may have read about it here: https://kmpinkel.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/thursday-reveal-2/. I have a bit of a problem finding shoes; to fit, like, don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Normally, I hate going into a store like DSW.  You walk in and there are just rows upon rows of shoes.  Never organized by size.  If you do not have an average shoe size, you might as well just sit down and cry before you even start to look.  My years of shopping have taught me something.  Clearance is your best friend, particularly in a shoe store.  Everything is placed according to size.  Its like heaven.  Rarely do I find great things, but one fine day, early February when the temperature was tricking us all to think it was April, I headed to DSW to take a quick look.  That spring air makes me want to shop.  And Lord knows my closet is pathetic.  Every single individual in my household owns more clothes than I do.  And most of mine have the word “sweat” involved in it.  This is not me.  Its not the girl I once was, nor that I want to be.  So, when I found these particular shoes I felt like fashion fairies had just been let loose from a long imprisonment and were there specifically over me, as an act of repentance for neglecting me for so long.  They are forgiven.

If you know me personally, you know I have a thing for France and many things french.  I am not sure if these derived from French roots, but when I was in the south of France I swore I would have a pair.  They are like exotic toe shoes, made for me to dance the cobblestone streets of Antibes.  Oh Hemmingway, where are you when I need you?

And what was the icing on the cake?  They were 80% off.  I paid $10 bucks for these lovely shoes.  If you see an odd woman dancing down the sidewalk in espardilles, I’d wager its me.




  1. I have the same issue when it comes to shoe shopping. I am a 10.5 and they just don’t bother to make that size. Half sizes stop at 9.5. I am forced to try on the 10’s then the 11’s and pick which feels best if THAT even works. I too have found that clearance shopping the shoe section (say that 3xs fast) has been the best place to find my size. I found the hottest pair of knee high black boots about a year ago and I have been found dancing around the mean streets of the Hamlet of Hartlot with them on. $20


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