Empty Bowls, Detroit, 2012

Saturday took us on an adventure to Detroit with the whole family.  I had read about Pewabic Pottery hosting an “Empty Bowl’s”  event for Gleaner Food Bank. (http://www.gcfb.org)  I am a sucker for art and fundraising, so I convinced everyone we had to go!  If you are unfamiliar with Pewabic Pottery, it is one of the oldest existing working ceramic houses in Detroit- see here:

The pottery is well known internationally and is another one of Detroit’s secrets.  It is located at East Jefferson and Cadillac, right across from Waterworks Park.  There was quite a line up and we had to have a special number and wait to be called in order to select our special bowls.  So we waited in the showroom.  Here is a sample of some of the items they have available for purchase.


The variety is endless, from decorative to functional.  The handcrafted tiles used for walls and fireplaces are beautiful, but it was too crowded to get decent photos in that room.


Once our number was called, we ventured upstairs to see what was left.  The bowls up for grabs were in 4 different categories, $20, $15, $10 and $5.  The bowls created by local kids were the $5 and area artists had the higher price tags.  Even though we arrived fairly early, only $5 bowls were left, but I thought they had greater value than those made by the artists.  There is something pure and simple and un-tainted about children’s art.  Its just honest.

This became the bowl I selected.


In the upstairs of Pewabic they have gallery space and in one of the galleries they had some quirky pieces that I thought were just sweet.

So, we head back downstairs for our soup.  You see they fed you afterwards!  Soup, 5 varieties, were there to feed you!  Many volunteers from all over the area gave of their time and their talents in order to bring food to those who could not get it themselves.  That stuff is humbling.


Black Bean and Pasta Aioli.

There was no seating, as to get people moving along, there were so many.  We found a little nook in a corner amongst the multitudes of buckets of glazes, which proved photogenic on its own.


And from the inside looking out.

A home for crafty birds?

I recognize that the meaning may have been lost on the younger children, but it wasn’t lost on me.  I know its really a pacifistic participatory level, but it was participatory.  And if this is one step for myself and my children in becoming purposeful and compassionate then it is just that, one more step.


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