Hard Rock Bill

Post Pewabic Pottery event we ventured to grab a little bit more to eat in downtown Detroit, a small bowl of soup was not going to take the kids very far.  We had decided to head to the original LAfayette Coney Island, but got side tracked when we saw the Hard Rock Cafe.  I had not even realized there was one in Detroit.

The Hard Rock Cafe is located in the CompuWare building, right in the very center of town between Woodward and Farmer.  The atrium in the CompuWare building is exceptionally nice.

So we had lunch at the Hard Rock.  I cannot say that the food was bad, it was fine.  The space itself is pretty small compared to other Hard Rock’s that I have been to.  But it is Detroit and I think the size is appropriate for the current economic climate.  They had the usual displays of guitars, records, clothing and other paraphernalia.  Many of which we had to explain to the older kids who they were!  The service was great.  But the cost was way too high.  We spent $100, including tip, for food I could get cheaper elsewhere.  In comparison, I had a pulled pork sandwich with fries and it was $11.95.  Close to where I currently live is the Woodshop Union, 2011 Restaurant of the year.  I had their pulled pork samwich with onion rings for $8.95 and was sure that I had died and gone to heaven.    I am sure that the Hard Rock caters to the business crowd, for the most part, but I will most likely avoid going there for monetary reasons.

Rowen’s look says it all.

We decided to slip out the back entrance of the CompuWare building. Do you remember last post, when I told you about Pewabics wall tiles?  Well, here they are!  Not my favorite display, but I can at least show you an example.

I also took a couple of photos of the buildings that surrounded us.  Truly quite amazing!

Happy Leap Day!


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