Go Blue!

I ended my exciting Saturday with some special one on one time with my oldest baby.  Its increasingly important for me to spend as much time as I possibly can with him.  He is 15, a freshmen, going to be starting drivers training.  My mom bought him a pair of tickets to a U of M basketball game for Christmas.  I gave her a general idea of which area of seats were decent and relatively cost effective for her budget.  The intention was to have him go with a friend and I would just be the chauffeur.  Well, God obviously knew my need and not only did I get to be there with him, Grandma scored great seats!

Its amazing how having the dance team in front of you does not bother a 15year old boy!

A little zoom and a high ISO is all it took for this one!

Who dat?

That’s who!

No seriously, who’s that?  That’s Sam Bernsteins kid.  You only understand that if you are from Southeastern Michigan.  David Bing was there too, but I did not get a photo of him.

Although they lost, maybe one the worst losses of their season, it was the last home game.  Its good to see Michigan make a basketball comeback and to know they will be a part of March madness.  Its been a long road since the “Glory Days”.  Go Blue!



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